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We are a team of experienced Tech Engineers that want to make a real positive impact on the society and the environment

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Alexandre Phiev picture

Alexandre Phiev

Full Stack Web developer

7 years of experience

Stefano Ventrudo picture

Stefano Ventrudo

Senior Mobile Developer

7 years of experience

Réalisations (2)

  • Conversion to full mobile and tablet responsiveness cover

    Conversion to full mobile and tablet responsiveness

    Bridge For Billions — Bridge for Billions is a social business that offers entrepreneurship programs in order to democratize access to quality entrepreneurship support worldwide
  • Full backend solution from no-code cover

    Full backend solution from no-code

    Edumiam — Training platform for early childhood professionals.

Nos services

Website and Web application from scratch :

iOS and Android native app :

Data anonymization for GDPR :

Data analyses and display on existing or new datasets :

Audit on the Tech Stack to be used (including No-code suggestions) :

Notre manifeste

We deeply believe that we can make a difference with our skills in order to fight against the climate and social crises we are facing.

With our complementary experiences and knowledge, we are convinced that we can cover a large set of requirements and fulfil the needs of most Web related projects. From a Full Stack Web application, with complex Data analyses working alongside a UI/UX oriented mobile application, we can offer a very complete Tech stack.

Our team is composed of engineers with at least 5 years experience in our respective fields. We guarantee a transparent and clear communication from the specification phase to the delivery, as a good collaboration is the real key to a quality product. Combined, we speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch natively.

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